Beyonce Heat Rush

Beyonce Heat Rush

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Beyonce Heat Rush

Beyonce Heat Rush Eau De Parfum 100ml. is perfect for beautiful women, a flavor that manages to captivate the attention of all persons in a room, as do the famous singer Beyonce. The fragrance is vibrant, energetic and easy discreet. Famous singer Beyonce is launching a new fragrance named Heat Rush, as a successor to the last year's edition Heat. Her first fragrance was a great success and thrilled Beyonce's fans. In February 2011, just a year after Heat, the new perfume is arriving on the market. Opening notes of Heat Rush start the composition with passion fruit sorbet, blood orange and Brazilian cherry. Its heart blooms with yellow tiger orchid, mango blossom and orange hibiscus, while a warm base closes with teak wood, honey amber and Rio sunset musk. The fragrance is poured in an orange, glass bottle shaped as the original edition. Summer, sunny, hot! Fresh, explosive, sexy! It - Beyonce Heat Rush! Each drop - passion and freedom! In each note - the power and the magic attraction. Each sound of power and sensuality. It - Beyonce Heat Rush! Aroma loudly disclosed on the skin, like bright fireworks of flowers and fruit. At the very first breath brings a smile, a mild euphoria and a state of bliss. Author wonderful flavor - Perfumer Honorine Blanc. He created a masterpiece irresistible. Top notes - juicy cocktail of blood orange, cherry and passion fruit. Heart Chords - a magnificent floral arrangement, which reveal their delicate petals exquisite orchid, delicate flowers of mango and exotic hibiscus. In a loop of flavor - notes teak, amber and warm musk. Delicious and sweet, light and fresh - it's Beyonce Heat Rush - carefree fragrance of happiness!

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