Benetton United Dreams Aim High

Benetton United Dreams Aim High

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Benetton United Dreams Aim High

Benetton United Dreams Aim High 100ml. Eau De Toilette - The combination of juicy and full of life of joint tones and more refined, quiet woody notes gave birth to the composition United Dreams Aim High. Sparkling men's perfume Benetton United Dreams Men Aim High creates a feeling of sunlight on the skin and a joyful summer mood. A fresh and transparent fragrance will emphasize the cheerfulness and adventurism of its owner. The perfume bouquet is revealed by a bright rush of citrus: bitter and classic orange, tart grapefruit. The heart of the fragrance sounds like notes of scorching cold mint, delicate sweet geranium, sage and nutmeg. Thus, Benetton United Dreams Men Aim High acquires the features of a calmer flavor. A trail of aroma is represented by herbaceous patchouli and moss, a languid amber note. Aim High is a fragrance that says that there is no limit to your achievements. Choose your path, follow the dream, strive upward. It is an aromatic, full of male sensuality aroma. The top notes are citrus fruits: grapefruit, lemon. Heart notes are aromatic, ferny: mint, muscat, sage, geranium. Base notes are woody, amber: patchouli, vetiver, moss, amber.

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