Benetton Giallo

Benetton Giallo

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Benetton Giallo

Benetton Giallo 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Yellow represents optimism, enlightenment and happiness. GIALLO enchanted water with fresh fruit, finely shredded mint leaves and a gentle chord Lotus. Culmination of creation is an addictive harmony of a splash of musk, tonka bean, white woods and full-bodied vanilla. The house of Benetton bases their creation, collection and games on colours. Designers of the house create in honour of variety offered by our world. Colour is a universal means of communication and each colour has separate meaning in different cultures. Colori Collection of Benetton - perfume quartet, where each chord displays a certain mood of its owner. Each bottle is marked with the sign of modern graffiti characteristic color. Eau de Toilette Spray Benetton Giallo Woman bears all the optimism and cheerfulness of yellow. This perfume was created for the playful, easy-going girl who is used every day to fully enjoy life. Regardless of the weather outside, the heroine of Benetton Giallo Woman energetic and configured in a positive way. Fragrance represents a girl who shone with happiness: it emits light, playing clear notes of water mint blue and red berries. Her heart is sparkling clean flavor emotions, romance thanks to a combination of notes of lotus, violet and peach. Elegance and lightness of body movements heroine Benetton Giallo Woman deliberately emphasize the sounds of musk and vanilla and woody notes give a bouquet of alluring depth. Floral-fruity fragrance Benetton Giallo Woman endows young girls endless optimism and give their manners discreet flirting and charm.

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