Bebe Desire

Bebe Desire

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Bebe Desire

Bebe Desire 100ml. Eau de Perfume is a fresh elixir of youth. The answer to your question is how to become a beautiful, attractive and sensual woman. Flower tones covered in citrus spiciness, which is a powerful aphrodisiac for a lot of men. Become an unbridled and self-confident woman. Bebe Desire is a perfumed water for women who will get your hearts and smell senses in any weather and at any time of the year. Whenever you can see in the flower garden and near the forest fruits. These are additionally tones of amber, violet, musk or delicious pralines. The Bebe Desire perfume bottle, which has a light blue color, is also elegant. Unique is mainly its closure, which forms a ring ringed with stones. Choose the original, fresh and sexy scent that you'll be trending with. Make use of the fragrant temptation, whose power you know for yourself. It is a fragrance for sophisticated women who rightly belongs to the floral, woody-musky. Bebe Desire released in the United States, the brand - Bebe. The aroma is dated 2013 year. Initial, bestow good mood, music composition: refreshing citrus, bright wild berries and sweet-sour kumquat. Fragrant bouquet of heart: frangipani, expressive and seductive violet-pink peony intoxicating. Cable carrier notes: spicy amber, animal musk, sandalwood, woody undertones and shades pralines. Thanks to its universal sound, perfume is ideal as a young girl, and no less beautiful, slightly older woman. He, like the author's jewelry is capable of gracefully enhance the beauty of stylish, confident owner. Rounded blue bottle topped with a masterful high twisted cover with shimmering like stars in the night sky, the crystals. Sheet: Wood notes, floral notes, musk, amber. It is bright, positive, sensual and delicate bouquet will bring joy and comfort. For every woman it sounds unique. He is fit and young girl, and a middle-aged woman: you can use it to emphasize its appeal, tenderness and sexuality. Summer bright flavor associated with mysterious tropical gardens and luxuriant flowering fruit trees. Perfume Bebe Desire consists of notes of musk surrounded by floral notes and citrus, woody notes of soft, warm amber and delicious pralines.

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