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Azzaro Chrome

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Azzaro Chrome

Azzaro Chrome 100ml. Eau De Toilette - A simple and powerful story, whose roots stretch far. The story, whose ambition is to combine and celebrate solid experience emotional that men of all generations share it stand as the Chrome - resonant, moderate and modern, waving like a flag in all countries. Selected materials, colors and shapes were designed to last. Express search for identity, emotion and joy, combining mutual and individual experience. The desire for purity and freshness, appears in the 90s, displacing two years of domination of aromatic fragrances. Azzaro Chrome is fresh and sensual fragrance, suitable for contemporary man. Symbolizes the search for identity, emotion and joy, cleverly combining sensitivity with masculinity. Chrome perfume can feel instant refreshing lemon and begamota agreements. The unique composition of rosemary, neroli and juicy pineapple stir vigorously with jasmine foam. Cyclamen and aromatic coriander are combined with warm notes of cardamom, cedar and exotic sandalwood. And finally you reveal and sensual notes of musk, tonka bean and soft moss. Exclusive fragrance from Azzaro will accompany you every step of the search for identity, mindset and stimulating determination to find your location. Fragrance for a man who used to live active, be productive every day and find time not only for work but also for his personal life - this perfume's Chrome Azzaro. Invigorating and fresh, energetic and attractive composition for over 15 years captivates the hearts of men around the world. Aroma's Chrome Azzaro, which belongs to the category of citrus fruits and fern disclosed juicy and sparkle chords pineapple and lemon, a little spicy and delicate neroli, rosemary and bergamot. Notes the "heart" presents an amazing combination of cyclamen, coriander, jasmine and oak moss. At the base of the fragrance hidden exciting chords tonka bean, musk and various types of wood. Eau de Toilette perfect optimistic man who is used to cope with the tasks and is known for its in-kind winner. He is always ready for action, active and energetic. Open a second wind and live a full life helps him famous fragrance's Chrome Azzaro. Release Date: 1996 Country of origin: France Gender: male fragrance classification: citrus fern Top notes rosemary, pineapple, neroli, bergamot and lemon note "Hearts": cyclamen, coriander, jasmine and oakmoss Base notes: sandalwood, tonka bean, musk, oak moss, cedar, rosewood and cardamomใ

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