Tag Him Pour Homme

Tag Him Pour Homme

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Tag Him Pour Homme

Tag Him Pour Homme EDT 100ml. - Refined, impudent aroma for the strong, courageous man who courageously looks into the future and knows how to enjoy every moment of life. A tart, woody perfume for an elegant, strict man with a bright personality and strong-willed character. Attractive woody and freshly aromatic notes seduce with juicy shades of citrus and a depth of noble wood. Bold, rich, deep - this is precisely this fateful elixir. A man who adorned himself with the Armaf Tag Him composition will certainly become the center of attention - those around will appreciate the luxurious and multifaceted fragrance. The composition of the perfume is composed of the top notes of citrus freshness, seasoned with pink pepper. “Heart” captivates with shades of green mint, ginger and nutmeg. The base sounds astringency woody aromas of vetiver, cedar and patchouli. Sandalwood gives sensuality and depth to the final notes of perfume. In this exquisite bottle of black leather, the astringent freshness of juicy citrus fruits with noble notes of woody aromas came together. This bright, ambiguous perfume is an ode to a purposeful, strong man with a rich inner world.     

Country of origin: OAE 
Gender : male 
Aroma classification: wood 
Initial note: bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, pink pepper 
Heart notes: ginger, mint, nutmeg
Final note: cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver

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