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Aramis Devin

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Aramis Devin

Aramis Devin Devin EDC 100 ml. is a fragrance for men is the diamond in the crown of the house of Aramis. This is not just a cologne, it is the embodiment of the wisdom of the Eastern sage and the power of the ruler. This scent has absorbed all the best male qualities. It has both courageous confidence, and graceful beauty, and a full understanding of one’s own nature. Devin, as a medieval alchemist, fused in the philosopher's stone a new fragrance, seemingly incompatible ingredients, to create an entirely new perfect perfume. Here all the notes are in a reasonable balance.   

The aroma of citrus tones wrapped in an elegant bouquet of lavender and jasmine. The tart notes of cloves and the fresh smell of pine needles interlace with the scent of cinnamon, creating a cocktail that opens up new horizons for understanding reality. Fine, graceful leather, inlaid with precious stones of cumin and bergamot. This fragrance emphasizes masculinity and willfulness. Only a person who is confident in the future will dare to wear it. Natural instincts and sensuality, expressed in an elegant composition of smells. All of them are collected in one beautiful cocktail, the aroma of which will not leave anyone indifferent. 

Date of manufacture: 1977 
Country of manufacture: United States 
Gender: Male Aroma 
classification: chypre 
Initial note:aldehydes, orange, artemisia, lavender, galbanum, bergamot and lemon 
Heart note: cloves, cinnamon, jasmine, cumin and pine needles 
Final note: labdanum, skin, amber, patchouli, musk, oak moss and cedar

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