Antonio Banderas Seduction In Black

Antonio Banderas Seduction In Black

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Antonio Banderas Seduction In Black

Antonio Banderas Seduction In Black EDT 100ml. is a fresh spicy scent. It is the essence of seduction and seduction itself. It captures the incredibly refined and provocative atmosphere of the night when a confident man seduces a beautiful woman. This fragrance directly electrifies the tension that the flirt causes. It is a totally irresistible, purely natural and incredibly erotic fragrance. The best choice for confident men who know what their look is worth, will be the original fragrance from the famous heartthrob Antonio Banderas. The unique aroma of Black Seduction is the real smell of freedom, irrepressible temptation, before the power of which no beauty can resist. The name itself speaks of itself - this is “The Temptation in Black”. Everything is quite clear. 

Night games of two, man and woman, conquered by passion. Nothing extra. Unique wood shades, notes of the east, bergamot and nutmeg. These are men's tones that will become your tools for capturing the heart of a seductive woman who is not so easy to achieve. 

The packaging and the bottle are distinguished by their elegant design, made in a laconic black color, which is a classic for all ages.

The Black Seduction fragrance composition is based on a spice blend that is enriched with deliciously fresh fruit tones or sensual wood aromas. Whether it is a sexy cardamom in a delicious currant or coriander accompanied by a cedar essence.

Black Seduction Eau de Toilette is designed for modern men. He underlines his charm and charisma. Such a man has an irresistible style imbued with elegance. He lacks confidence and perseverance. The man who likes this scent loves games. Seduction is a challenge for him, it's a fun he enjoys. Such a man radiates seductiveness and sexual tension. And it's like a magnet for women. He is irresistible to women. And he knows about it.

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