Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction

Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction

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Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction

Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction EDT 100ml. - From the first chords of the Blue Seduction Antonio Banderas fragrance, you know - here it is, the perfect men's fragrance. It is light and modern. His nobility and elegance in the notes of coolness and freshness. Bright sensuality and seductive tenderness - such associations are inspired by the unique Blue Seduction train. It is sparkling water nectar, which begins with the cool freshness of fragrant citrus, and ends with a combination of currants and mint. A distinctive feature of the composition is its noble purity. Like all products of a well-known brand, the eau de toilette is distinguished by its resistance with simultaneous ease. This is precisely the secret and popularity of these perfumes: they will be appropriate to use at any time of the day, always emphasizing the sense of taste and original style. The design of the bottle is also impeccable, as the aroma contained The strict facets of thick glass with a wonderful blue-and-blue liquid resemble a crystal or ice cube. 

Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction is a modern and refreshing male perfume. A fragrance that never gets bored. Become a man worthy of admiration. Become an energetic, direct and unbridled element! Try the blue cocktail of freshness of Blue Seduction perfume.

The seductive essences of blackcurrant, mint and juicy melon are the right thing for you! Nutmeg, cappuccino and a green apple add a touch of masculinity and strength to this exceptional scent. A truly unconventional composition is underlined by the classical warmth note of amber and wood. No woman can resist the Blue Seduction perfume designed by the sensual and confident Antonio Banderas!

Don't be afraid to be like him. Discover the Spanish temperament and the art of seduction! Antonio Banderas perfumes are very popular fruity-floral fragrances with sexappeal ingredients and spontaneity. The scent of Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction is a reflection of the masculinity and strength that is hidden in each of you!

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