Anna Sui Night of Fancy

Anna Sui Night of Fancy

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Anna Sui Night of Fancy

Anna Sui Night of Fancy EDT 75ml. - bright fantasy of Anna Sui. Flavor that makes reveal something beautiful and boisterous in our soul, and forget about the gray everyday life. After all, come to life at night, our deepest dreams and desires, you may need was just such a flavor to decide to start a night flight ... It combines amazing rich and a bit whimsical blueberries with cold fresh grapefruit leaves. What's this? Covert or exotic garden? But at night, all intertwined in violent fantasies and makes the most incredible look. Sweet soft jasmine remind you of love, to which we aspire in their fascinating flight. A milkshake and incense, soothing and pacifying, will help you understand where is the end of this adventure. But everything is possible and all the strength, so that the feeling will last as long as you want. This fragrance is a whole world of emotions and bright colors called - Night of Fancy. fragrance: floral, fruity Top notes: blueberry, grapefruit leaves note "heart": jasmine Final note: milkshake, incense. New Perfume Anna Sui Night of Fancy - a continuation of the fragrance Flight of Fancy. sweet-floral bouquet perfume Night Of Fancy presents notes of blackberry, wild strawberry and grapefruit. Incredibly romantic composition seduces with its tenderness and light-mindedness, and the scent of incense tree warm trail caring warmth. Immerse yourself in a world of fantasies and desires with toilet water Anna Sui Night of Fancy.

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