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Dunhill Pure

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Dunhill Pure

Dunhill Pure 75ml. Eau De Toilette - This bracing masculine cologne will delight the man looking to wear a moderate aroma on casual occasions. Introduced by designer Alfred Dunhill in 2006, Dunhill Pure exudes hints of the citrus grove with aquatic undertones. In addition to featuring the strong accents of the water iris, the scent boasts fragrance notes of lemon, sandalwood, and lotus leaves. Its subdued charm and versatility make this cologne an excellent choice for any modern man who wants a scent that is both subtle and magnetic. Dunhill Pure is flourishing strength, joy and fullness of life. The fragrance was created for people who do not hesitate to open his own nature, to show their romance. This fragrance is simple, elegant and modern. Expressiveness of amber, cedar, leather and patchouli give the inexpressible charm of this perfume. Tenderness iris, water chord delicacy violets open charm and gentility. Warm mist envelops loop basil, herbs, and aroma of freesia. These spirits are not flashy, they are concise and delicate, tender and romantic. In a man who enjoys this fragrance hides subtle nature to empathize. But at the same time it is a strong flavor of a charismatic person. These spirits are unique, they have no replacement, they will give joy to the men and their girlfriends, inspiring joy and optimism in their hearts.

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