Dunhill London Edition

Dunhill London Edition

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Dunhill London Edition

Dunhill London Edition 100ml. Eau De Toilette Spray for Dunhill Edition Men with Perfection. Aromatic awe-inspiring, full of woody and earthy tones that make unexpected wonders with you. A fragrant essence full of energy, imaginativeness and unbridled desire for free-spirited living. You have it all now, like on your palm. Dunhill Edition will get you fresh with selected ingredients. Between them is exuded meadow sage, potato, lavender, but also nutmeg or bergamot. The drunken charm of the summer that you will meet in the new sunny days. Get dominated by your sensuality. Eau De Toilette Spray Dunhill Edition will impress you with its natural and casual look. Green composition stored in a simple bottle. Spicy essence filled with charging energy, which you will feel every time you smell with the company. And know that a lot of beautiful women will taste it. The aroma gives a feeling of freshness, warmth, masculinity. Dunhill Edition is an aroma that undoubtedly will appeal to men, as it makes their image unusually affable and sensual. Dunhill Edition belongs to the group of flavors aromatic and contains notes of cedar, sandalwood, lemon, bergamot, cloves. In the upper notes of the fragrance, lavender, geranium, jasmine, nutmeg, cyclamen are felt. Basic aromas include cedar, amber, oak moss, vetiver, amber, spruce.

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