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Dunhill London

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Dunhill London

Dunhill London 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a floral fragrance with oriental motifs to woody. It was created for men who are true gentleman knows what is proper and what they wear. Embodies masculine, yet tender side of an attractive and self-confident man. It is clean, elegant and enticing. By linking traditional and modern elements symbolizes the heady essence that will caress your soul. If you want to try something new, selected and sensual - so feel free to abandon yourself to your senses this heady scent of Dunhill London. Unique and exceptional composition of bergamot, green apple and cardamom will captivate the sophisticated simplicity. The heart opens lush, seductive rose petals and jasmine gently. Breathtaking symphony concludes whiff woody notes of sandalwood, musk and patchouli with a sweet and warm vanilla. Dunhill perfume with a distinctive and charming accent, which is desired by every man. Become the center of the company with the aroma of London and you will not want another! Confident, strong and at the same time generous man, owning only the best - that's the personification of the spirit inherent in the flavor of toilet water with exquisite called London. Perfumers of British fashion house Dunhill came up with this unique flavor to accentuate the elegance and restraint of its owner, as well as to point out its excellent taste. In London the composition rule bright floral-woody accords, revealing the full depth of man's nature. Initial notes of bergamot blossom aroma and spicy cardamom, gradual change in the sound of a gentle heart rose, jasmine flowers and beans thin. An intriguing base of the toilet water plays hints of sweet tempting sandalwood and musk. The seductive and stylish, sweet, discreet, spicy and alluring London win the heart of any woman who has at least once felt his flowing plume. Eau de toilette has a delicate flavor, so you can use it several times a day to create a delightful image.

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