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Dunhill Fresh

Dunhill Fresh 100ml. Eau De Toilette Cologne by Alfred Dunhill, Dunhill fresh by alfred dunhill is clean, refreshing that is crisp, refined blend of masculine notes. A sharp blend that starts off with basil, green notes and freesia, then blending into violet, orris. Then finishing off with cedarwood, leather, amber, coumarin and patchouli. Keep things classy with Dunhill Fresh by Alfred Dunhill. Fragrance Dunhill Fresh - for confident, energetic, young man. He longs for freedom, he is successful and independent. He lives a harmonious life full of happiness and freedom to work for the sake of life, but does not live for the sake of work. Keywords concept Dunhill Fresh: life, energy, freedom, renewal, masculinity, luxury, confidence and sensuality. Transparent bottle, topped with chrome cap, resembles a modern house on the beach - with large windows, full of light, freedom, harmony and tranquility. Release Date: 2005 Country of origin: England Gender: Male Classification of flavor: woody Top notes: basil, freesia, green leaves note "Hearts": violet, lotus, iris Final note: cedar, leather and wood accord, amber. Clean, refreshing and courageous, full of personality and style of men's fragrance created for the serious and energetic men capable of fully taste the fullness of life experiences. Dunhill Fresh - fragrance for men, which in any situation to maintain composure and live in harmony with oneself and the world. In every man there is a desire for freedom, for a full life, vivid impressions. Helps him to realize our plans new men's fragrance by Alfred Dunhill - Dunhill Fresh. This perfume is for the serious and energetic man who is aware of who he really is, realistically assess their capabilities and is not shy about your desires. New fresh scent easily and naturally enter into the life of its owner, becoming part of everyday style.

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