Dunhill Desire Blue

Dunhill Desire Blue

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Dunhill Desire Blue

Dunhill Desire Blue for Men 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a sea breeze, the smell blends perfectly with the body of a man. The aroma of rare, old books in expensive leather-bound and aroma aqua, freshness. Is it possible to imagine all this time? It turns out that all of this can also be combined, Alfred Dunhill showed us that. Lightweight, attractive, airy scent of the sea and exciting musky trail are woven together in this unusual perfume. Citrus notes give the feeling of freshness and wood shades make the composition exhilarating and intoxicating. Light and delicate scent of male toilet water Alfred Dunhill Desire Blue, will make it even more charming holder in the women's eyes, give it a sensual beauty and attractiveness of the puzzle. Fresh, full of stormy passions, like ocean waves during a storm, filling the power and beauty. Flavor notes: connection into one unique composition of the lotus leaf, Lisi, bergamot and mandarin, which pass into the heart note, consisting of a red wood aroma of the sea breeze, and a final note, which won benzoin, tonka bean smell, amber and musk. Every man who lives on the ground, it wants to have in their arsenal a fragrance with which could be different from the other due to its individual uniqueness and exclusivity. It is to this direction flavors include Dunhill Desire Blue. It is very simple and at the same time is unique. Fresh and tender and at the same time bold and austere. Composition skillfully weaves a note lotus flower, bergamot, orange juice, tangerine and rosewood. Flex provides an opportunity to enjoy crystal amber, musk, tonka bean and benzoin. In this flavor all fine and even the color of gentle turquoise makes it different depth and richness pleasant.

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