Afnan Supremacy Noir

Afnan Supremacy Noir

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Afnan Supremacy Noir

Afnan Supremacy Noir EDP 100ml. is designed for those who love luxury and appreciate top-notch ingredients and fresh aroma. It is a luxurious, mysterious and inviting oriental unisex perfume, released by the famous Arab perfume house Afnan. The name of the aromatic composition translates as "Superiority of the Night." The perfume dedicated to the mysterious Arabian night gives amazing smells of nature, which rests from the scorching sun at night and gives off subtle and surprisingly beautiful fragrances that make the eastern nights even more mysterious and exciting. From the beginning, the perfume gives a thin citrus freshness of bergamot, bitter-coniferous shades of pine and delicate aroma of fragrant fragrant violet. Then they are replaced by a denser cordial chord, in the center of which there is a warm, slightly animalistic skin, the smell of which is mixed with smoky coniferous undertones of spruce and a subtle aroma of lavender. Woody aromatic fragrance. Unisex fragrance - for men and women for casual wear, but also for special occasions.

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