Adidas Team Five

Adidas Team Five

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Adidas Team Five

Adidas Team Five 100ml. is the choice of brave men who prefer an active lifestyle, fashionable restaurants and monotonous evenings in clubs. Bouquet of aromas collected perfumers a famous brand, does not forget that before you is a perfume with bright sports "pedigree." It is necessary to say at once that it would be more appropriate to dress in the style of casual, than with a classic suit. Despite his brash, energetic and sharp character, perfume Adidas Team Five is focused on men for a long time, decide on what they expect from life. They do not tolerate weakness. Fern fragrance Adidas Team Five, created from leaves of mint and sage, lavender decorated with rose and oriental spices, hard to reconcile with the image of an eccentric young boy wishing in any way to draw attention to themselves. Perfume Adidas Team Five is never compromised. He fought on the spot, peremptorily occupying space around its owner. Together with him you will definitely succeed!  A fragrance for men, which belongs to a group of flavors fern. Team Five released in 2013. Top notes of the fragrance: basil, green apple and citrus. Heart notes include mint, sage, lavender and pine. And the base notes are composed of amber and benzoin. Adidas Team Five is a limited edition inspired football. This is evidenced by the very color scheme bottle, which corresponds to the indignities of personal boundaries, entertainment and considerable aplomb.

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