Adidas Happy Game

Adidas Happy Game

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Adidas Happy Game

Adidas Happy Game 50ml. Eau De Toilette - The famous brand Adidas continues to please its fans. The new fragrance invites you to play, forgetting about all the bustle of a noisy metropolis. Easy and naughty, Adidas Happy Game flirts with you floral-fruity notes, filling with energy every cell of the body. Tired from the summer heat, the girls will be introduced to the invigorating clementine and sour cranberries, which will give strength for new achievements. What will be your game? Perhaps it's time to try on the image of a young coquette, or succumb to the insanity of sunny days and go to meet adventures? Jasmine perfectly emphasizes your mood, weaving in a merry dance with charming freesia! Woody notes will give confidence and fighting enthusiasm, and now you forget about all the problems, enjoying the joyful aftertaste. Smoky ambergris will remain with you for a long time, recalling the moments of lightness and freshness surrounding you all day. What are you waiting for? It's time to update the fragrance and continue the unforgettable imagination game. Happy game with toilet water Adidas Happy Game.

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