Adidas Get Ready for Her

Adidas Get Ready for Her

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Adidas Get Ready for Her

Adidas Get Ready for Her - 50ml. Eau De Toilette - new flavored duet for him and for her, inspired by the colorful Brazilian way of life. Brazil is a lot more than a place - it's a feeling. The unique combination of happiness, dance and freedom. A nation that is always looking for a thrill to be out of competition in the sport.  Bright Brazil packing maximum bright, optimistic tone Brazil reflected on the packaging that radiates energy, fun and spontaneity. Curved graphic lines create a sense of movement and rhythm.  Fresh, fruity fragrance Perfumer Jacques Huclier of Givaudan has created fragrances for men and women Adidas Get Ready. Female version of Adidas Get Ready for Her determined splash of bright fruit notes, with heavy concentration of aromas of exotic flowers. Bright watery cocktail of juicy watermelon, juicy sizzle under bright garnet and tingling of Brazilian orange determines the top notes. Middle notes are a unique and elegant floral fruity fragrance of water lilies and sweet sugar cane. Final notes: musk and cedar, warm amber.  Prepare yourself! For something completely new! fragrances New Adidas Get Ready reflect the fiery rhythms of samba and strong energy players Brazil! This fruity-floral eau de toilette with a fresh and energetic sound, designed for young active girls, who can not imagine their life without exercise. On the creation of dynamic composition. Master was inspired by Brazil, with its colorful temperament and exotic nature, so this scent has become the epitome of passion, wildness and spontaneity. Women's fragrance Get Ready! from Adidas wonderfully combines in its composition expressive ozone, moist, sweet notes with rich wood accents and light citrus chords amber. The composition also contains notes of orange, lotus and amber, cedar and musk underlined base. This toilet will create around the girl, picked her, an aura of winners, as well as helping his proprietress in all endeavors. Sophisticated fascinating fragrant elixir Get Ready!

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