Adidas Fun Sensation

Adidas Fun Sensation

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Adidas Fun Sensation

Adidas Fun Sensation 50ml. Eau De Toilette will accentuate your youth, vigor and ease. A floral-fruity fragrance is perfect for everyday use, thanks to its lightness, freshness and unobtrusive. Perfume has been designed to complement the collection of clothes and accessories for the sport of Adidas. This extraordinary eau de toilette designed for young cheerful beauties to highlight their courage and optimism. Her idea - happy and laid-back flavor of every day. Refreshing Adidas Fun Sensation adequately represents the group fruit and floral odors. His winner - clockwork girl, who can fill the life of joyful colors and emotions, she relaxed and optimistic, impulsive and full of life, active and charming. A floral-fruity composition opens active notes of lemon, which is framed by lush sour raspberry and spicy pink pepper. The heart notes of violet reflected quivering with passionate rose, surrounded by the breath of juicy lychee. The sophisticated loop appears creamy musk, sandalwood complemented by delicate. This bright, playful, dynamic eau de toilette designed for careless and exciting break away, a pleasant talk and meet with friends, walks in parks and alleys, trips out of town. Adidas Fun Sensation's eau de toilette for women who seek scent for everyday use. Juicy elements of rose, lemon or raspberry. Fruity flavor full of commitment, adventure and creamy sandalwood. A combination that will make you very spontaneous and confident lady. Youthfully also acts vial of eau de toilette for women Adidas Fun Sensation, which has a slightly reddish color. Playful and simple shape becomes an expression of your freedom and endless entertainment. Release yourself from the usual stereotype of fragrant and treat yourself to something more.

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