Adidas Fruity Rhythm

Adidas Fruity Rhythm

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Adidas Fruity Rhythm

Adidas Fruity Rhythms 50ml. Eau De Toilette for women is playful and energetic, fusing top notes of raspberry and blackcurrant bud with freesia, rose, sandalwood and musk. A lighthearted, sweet and feminine fragrance choice for her. It is a sweet, fruity-floral, for ladies who have an energetic spirit. Enter a world of pleasant tones, full of enthusiasm and zest for life. Intensity Fruity Rhythm perfume surrounds you in fresh fruits and inviting aroma of flowers. Love your perfume aroma Adidas, which has the concept of a summer day under blue sky, cloudless and warm rays of the sun. This magic is hidden in a bottle very practice that will be appreciated especially dynamic and energetic women. From the first notes of the perfume, Fruity Rhythm transcends into a garden filled with the most delicious summer fruit. There you will feel the breeze floral caress of youth and freedom, in the form of delicate freesia and cyclamen. Finally, you will feel your body sensual musk agreements, which will turn into a woman irresistible and omnipotent. This perfume, Adidas, will revive and will give you a sense of relaxation. Adidas perfumes are essential for those who are on the move. Its essentials, largely fruity-floral perfectly refreshes your body and mind. Do your personality overshadows the essence too sweet or too intense, which in summer can be quite unpleasant. Try Adidas Fruity Rhythm perfume you and leave you excited about the rich rhythms of summer, the feeling of comfort and joy of life!

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