Adidas Fizzy Energy

Adidas Fizzy Energy

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Adidas Fizzy Energy

Adidas Fizzy Energy 50ml. Eau De Toilette is an energizing fragrance for women, which will load instantly with a new dose of vitality! Delicious aroma of the perfume you will surely cheer on. Fizzy Energy perfume is especially appreciated by women sporting spirit, I love the movement and nature. The perfume was launched in 2012. From the beginning, Adidas perfume Fizzy Energy, will enchant you and you will encourage the essences delicious apple with grapefruit and pineapple agreements. Notes plants are permeated by exotic papaya tones, complemented later by jasmine flower essences seductive and intoxicating Camellia. Base notes are made of wood and musk sensual mystery. It is a perfect scent for hot summer days. Put yourself in motion, but in the meantime, enjoy the endless freshness that gives you this wonderful fruity fragrance, Adidas Fizzy Energy! The fragrance will accompany you all day, and its flavor will bring a smile to your face. Eau de Toilette Spray Adidas Fizzy Energy is designed for young, contemporary women who are tired of the routine and monotony of everyday life. Its aroma is able to lighten the mood, give confidence, energize. This gave him the ability of the authors in the name of flavor "tireless energy." Eau Fizzy Energy, as if enclosed in a vessel of sunshine beckons clean and fresh sound, teasing play of bright, optimistic music. It seems, opening the bottle, and the scent will break out, spilling thousands of colorful fireworks sparkling drops. Certainly, perfume Adidas Fizz Energy - is an easy daytime fragrance. Especially its full composition opens to a warm summer. Flex average duration and moderate resistance toilet water make relevant and its application in the workplace and in the gymnasium, and in a friendly company. Ambient will be captivated by the ease and cheerfulness begotten flavor. Release Date : 2012 Country of Origin : United States Gender : Female Classification fragrance : floral, fruity Top notes : grapefruit, red apple and pineapple note "of the heart ": jasmine, papaya and camellia Final note: woody notes and musk.

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