Adidas Dynamic Pulse

Adidas Dynamic Pulse

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Adidas Dynamic Pulse

Adidas Dynamic Pulse 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a fresh masculine fragrance that helps every man to find a sense of vitality, energy and strength for new active day. This unique fragrance is designed for sporty men who like to find their limits and push their limits. This fragrance Dynamic Pulse is full of attractiveness, youth and dynamism. Specifically its unique composition gives a sense of clean energy and revitalize the soul. While helping to express the uniqueness of personality. Head Perfume Adidas Dynamic Pulse refreshing opening chords of juicy mandarin, along with sparkling mint leaves. The heart is hidden fresh apple and Tonka bean. Captivating base consists of amber and exotic animal sandalwood. Exclusive and long-lasting fragrance Adidas Men's particularly useful when your sporting activities. This dynamic, young and attractive perfume Adidas Dynamic Pulse is designed for unique men who want to smell means to express their personality. It is a dynamic, refreshing and captivating pure eau de toilette for true athletes with an active, playful, easy, elegant and juicy character. Sensual fragrance designed for the modern dynamic man that always achieve their goals because strong spirit and dedication. And help them with this Adidas Dynamic Pulse! This time the brand Adidas appealed to the modern cosmopolitans and aesthetes, for whom life is an integral part of the sport. Despite some conservative style, the owners of Dynamic Pulse adventurous and prefer a life in motion. Dynamic and impulsive regulars fitness clubs, they always have their fingers on the pulse of events and do not miss any important sport event. Due to carefully selected composition of this fragrance its owner always feels at the peak of activity. Crystal clear symphony with invigorating citrus notes harmoniously complemented water floral-fruity shades with accents of tobacco, amber and wood.

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