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Bebe Sheer

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Bebe Sheer

Bebe Sheer 100ml. EDP presents an irritating and sexy scent for women who have the courage to underline their sensual femininity. The floral-fruity aroma is exciting and intoxicating and gives you a sense of utmost exceptionalism. The aroma reflects romantic and sensual stories full of love and sympathy. The Bebe Sheer fragrance ranks among successful perfumes for courageous women and girls. Sheer perfume was launched in 2010 and perfume makers are Claudette Belnavis and Jean Jacques. The perfume bottle has a charming heart-shaped design on which the group of designers Barbara Hulanicki worked. The pink metallic frame conceals a clear heart and is drawn in graceful lines. The bottle is a fancy heart-shaped pendant with glittering stones. The aroma opens with a fresh fruit cocktail, which is made of citrus and apples, and is supplemented with tender floral tones. In the heart is an overwhelming floral aroma represented by tender jasmine, aromatic milling and intense peony. The base is based on the warm ingredients of musk, sandalwood and amber. Encourage your seduction with Bebe Sheer perfume and enjoy the heady love of love! It is an alluring and sexy, created especially for women who have courage to highlight feminine sensuality. Floral-fruity aroma, intense and exciting, gives you a feeling of absolute uniqueness. The fragrance evokes the romance and sensuality tales of love and harmony. Bebe Sheer perfume is one of the successful designed for ladies brave. The fragrance was launched in 2010 and that has authority on perfume creators Claudette Belnavis and Jean Jacques. Glass design has a lovely heart-shaped, the group of designers who worked Barbara Hulanicki. Light pink metal frame hides a heart is shown in transparency and graceful lines. Inside the bottle is decorated with a heart-shaped pendant with sparkling rhinestones.The fragrance opens with a refreshing fruit cocktail, consisting of citrus and apple tones are complemented by delicate floral. Notes intense floral aroma hiding power, date of tender jasmine, fragrant peony and freesia. Base notes are composed of musk, sandalwood and amber. Be incredibly seductive perfume Bebe Sheer and enjoy an intoxicating love!

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