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Balenciaga Paris

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Balenciaga Paris

Balenciaga Paris Eau De Parfum 75ml. is a floral chypre fragrance. It combines in itself the freshness, but also the velvety warmth. Very good in it so any woman will feel whenever it is appropriate to wear throughout the year. Balenciaga Paris perfume is just the beginning, when open, very fine, powdery soft thanks to the aroma of violets, which is characteristic of the entire composition. Violet then accompanies the tones of pink, which add a distinctive scent of femininity. Slightly sweet aroma of flowers very naturally mingle with earthy, spicy perfume elements. Significant is especially pepper. It also emphasizes freshness distinctive accents of citrus aromas. Perfume base is then rather dry and soft. It consists of sensual musk and warm woods, sandalwood and cedar. Balenciaga Paris scent is very elegant and refined, modern and at the same time also exceptional. Prevail in the natural and peaceful, earthy tones that are only subtly imbued with the sweet scent of flowers. The resulting perfume is so very personal and intimate. It acts as a pleasant covering the entire body. He's got so certain sensuality and pure attraction. Through seductive woody portion also acts irresistibly feminine. The wearer of this perfume has a refined taste and your own style which breathes an atmosphere of luxury. Such a woman is confident and successful. She likes chooses. It's gourmet who is not content with what everyone. She wants to stand out and be original. And all this in itself Balenciaga Paris perfume in hiding. Thanks to its lightness and softness is a scent suitable for daily wear. Perfectly suited to the work to suit. But stylishly complement the more relaxed moments and clothing. But not disappoint on any important event, which reliably emphasize the uniqueness and natural beauty of the wearer.

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