Aquolina Pink Sugar

Aquolina Pink Sugar

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Aquolina Pink Sugar

Aquolina Pink Sugar EDT 100ml. Stylish and lively, of Pink the Sugar by Aquolina has a unique character. He invites us on a journey through all the pleasures of childhood. Perfume based on vanilla and caramel brings to mind dear childhood smells. Playful and romantic oriental composition reveals notes of bergamot, Sicilian orange, raspberry, fig leaves, lily of the valley, licorice, strawberry, red fruit, sweets, vanilla, caramel, musk, wood and powdery shades. It is fruit and floral for young girls and women. Immerse yourself in the most delicious pastries and succulent fruits. Try the sweet perfume Pink Sugar- same gentle and sweet as cotton candy! It starts perfumed bouquet of flowers and fruit. Scent of lilies, fig and bergamot would sweep you variety of colors and spices. Later they were joined by a delicious refreshing notes of raspberry and strawberry. The warm essence of wood, tonka bean and vanilla tender will be successful completion of the composition. Aquolina- perfume known among young girls, which will take paint gray days, and every new day joy, smiles and positive emotions. Pink Sugar calls to be direct and natural, enjoy life, love and fun! This magical water, start with only the flavor is not an incomparable pleasure which immediately returns to his childhood where bright colors and delicious ice cream, a delicious vanilla trail gives a feeling of intimacy ... With this fragrance you will never forget, but the most important thing in this perfume - resistant, odor on clothing lasts about a week and if you need to for the evening you will intoxicate others secret weapon, you will not only remember you will be welcome.

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