Anna Sui Rock Me Summer of Love

Anna Sui Rock Me Summer of Love

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Anna Sui Rock Me Summer of Love

Anna Sui Rock Me Summer of Love 75ml. EDT is another interesting fragrance from Anna Sui. This time the iconic fashion designer has created a perfume suitable for daily wear. Rock Me! Summer of Love is a magical composition from the realm of dreams and fantasy. Based on the light tones of flowers, fruit and wood. To feel exceptionally fresh, appealing and unusual, try the fabulous fragrance from Anna Sui of fairy tale come and wittily conceived bottle. The shape of butterfly wings, transparent glass and light blue in him a fountain of youth evoke childlike playfulness, frolic and intuitive beauty. Rock Me! Summer of Love is designed for young women and girls who have matured to an age where they want to like it, but have not yet left the world of dreams and fantasies and still believe in miracles. Slightly stronger home consists of geranium, bergamot and hyssop. He, however, instantly spread into delicate floral tones that are contained in the heart of the perfume. You will feel comfortable lily, sweet juicy peach and freesia. Seduction and youthful effervescence in you produces impressive foundation. It is composed of warm sandalwood, whose silky melody fully corresponds with passionate Roses and his burning desire to encourage more sensual amber. Anna Sui is an American designer who became famous for his playful, colorful and original designs. A woman dressed in clothing from Anna Sui nobody can overlook. It is the same with her scent. Anna Sui perfumes are playful, youthful and imaginative. Attract anyone looking for a different style of life, the idea of ​​a world view. Anna Sui works hard on beautiful fragrances and a perfect appearance on packages and bottles. They are the same as her clothes. Colorful, playful and wild, as if dropped from a fairy tale. Playful novelty of Rock Me! Summer of Love will tease your imagination and leave you a soft trail that will cause the pleasurable sensations of harmony, purity and goodness. Enter the magical world Anna Sui and enjoy a true summer love that you head-turner, and you will never be the same!

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