Anna Sui Live Your Dream

Anna Sui Live Your Dream

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Anna Sui Live Your Dream

Anna Sui Live Your Dream 50ml. EDT - A man who believes in his dream, capable of any exploits. No matter what he had to endure, he will pass with flying colors all the tests to the end to get the coveted prize. Such people are infected with all optimism, they are destined to change the fate of the world and make every day a little bit better. To all this pushes their love to the world, the belief in a real miracle and aroma Anna Sui Live Your Dream. Created as a gift a romantic woman, this perfume gives its owners of the whole mystery of the senses. Its white flowers cover the owner aroma bright emotions, woody tone and subtle spices chords reminiscent of the first love. Anna Sui Live Your Dream necessarily remind you that for which you have been tried. The aroma can be called universal. He harmonizes with both summer vacation and leisurely winter evenings by the fireplace. If life does not leave room for a dream, such a life becomes boring and pale. Therefore, this woman is always a dreamer. Her world is bright and sparkling, and her scent is Live Your Dream by Anna Sui. The name of this toilet water contains the appeal and credo of the life of this woman: "Live your dream!" What does the fragrance of dreams consist of? The top notes are a bouquet of wildflowers in combination with a lily of the valley and spicy pepper. A bold combination, immediately attracting attention to its owner. In the heart notes, the tenderness of roses and jasmine - the traditional feminine fragrances - was concentrated. It is replaced by passionate and sexual woody shades: cedar, sandalwood and teak, beans are thin and invariably sensual musk. Such an extraordinary chord ends the evening with Anna Sui Live Your Dream. For the unique perfume "Anna Sui Live Your Dream" were chosen truly female colors: black and pink. The first is simplicity and elegance, mystery and unpredictability. Second - tenderness and charm, freshness and youth. It is these colors decorated exquisite bottle containing a precious smell.

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