Anna Sui La Nuit De Boheme

Anna Sui La Nuit De Boheme

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Anna Sui La Nuit De Boheme

Anna Sui La Nuit De Boheme - 75ml. EDT - Anna Sui launches La Nuit de Boheme is a new women's fragrance, which continues the collection begun by publication of La Vie de Boheme in 2012. Bright and sunny new composition is designed to send romantic bohemian world. Give the fair sex seductive and unique flavor updated version, released last year, has decided to fashion designer from the United States Anna Sui. A new song came out really elegant and refined, in its modulations can learn so many new things about what the bohemian life.Wreath of light and sweet motifs ready to turn a head to you, the game begins toilet water. Cloying sweetness of blackcurrant served effervescent champagne. So bright and unusual perfume notes are replaced by intense radiant floral cascades. Floral waterfall in which special place is given a gentle and extraordinarily beautiful lotus and rose trembling, overwhelm you with emotion. Ambiguous at first glance seem final notes of perfume Anna Sui La Nuit De Boheme presented game Oud, pleasant freshness and hints of cedar pine, unobtrusive and easily patchouli leaves, flavored with sweet vanilla and warm chords. Exciting flanker will be released in the original bottle in the form of two buds of roses. Cap and a butterfly made in gold, perfectly decorated bubble. Buy perfume Anna Sui La Nuit de Boheme possible concentration Eau de Toilette.

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