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Aigner White Man

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Aigner White Man

Aigner White Man 125ml. Eau De Toilette - What man does not want the companion of his life was the most beautiful and well-groomed woman in the world. To this drew attention to you, you must also comply with its status. Much depends on the perfume that you choose for yourself. White Man by Etienne Aigner - it is the smell of a man who has already taken place in my life, who knows what it takes to succeed, to be always at the center of attention and admiration. This man embodies the style and solidity. A man with a taste always has more success with the ladies than the representative of a strong article, which is tasteless. The composition of this dangerous, but such a desirable fragrance includes notes of amber, oak moss, vanilla, vetiver and musk. The piquancy of smell gives melon, violet and lily of the valley. A fresh and clean fragrance emphasize grapefruit, basil, coriander and cardamom. The owner of the perfume White Men is far from angelic nature, but communication with it brings a lot of fun and enjoyment. The idea unsurpassed perfect white impregnated female and male fragrances from Aigner for lovers of classic elegance. This style is inspired by the legendary producers "Barcelona Chair". Men's version of the White Man by Aigner - attempt to recreate a healthy, tanned, the warm sun on the skin. This cocktail of sparkling grapefruit, shaded fragrant bouquet of basil, cardamom and coriander. Note the "heart" - a mixture of juicy watermelon and beauty of violets and lilies. In a rich plume flavor couscous, moss, ambergris, and the hardness of musk. Release Date: 2008 Country of origin: Spain Sex: male Classification of aroma: woody floral musk Top notes: Tuscan basil, green cardamom, coriander and grapefruit note "Hearts": melon , violet and lily of the valley Final note: musk, vanilla and amber, vetiver and Egyptian green oak moss. There are certain scents that sparkles natural charisma ... Along with wild outfit ... sun-tanned skin, chocolate ... as the hallmark of pure elegance ... Inspired by the purity of charisma, but also sensuality and elegance of leather brand Etienne Aigner, signed with author Pierre Wargnye under scent AIGNER WHITE MAN woody-musky ink.

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