Adidas Get Ready for Him

Adidas Get Ready for Him

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Adidas Get Ready for Him

Adidas Get Ready for Him - 100ml. - Perfume Line popular German brand has released two new items, which are included in the collection "Adidas Get Ready!". Inspiration for these spirits became Brazil with its bright temperament and exotic nature. Both new products are created by perfumer Jacques boast wild, passionate and spontaneous perfume compositions. Fragrance Adidas Get Ready! For Him includes the following notes: Basic chords: ocean breeze, green mandarin, pineapple; Average chords: exotic fruits, lavender, clary sage; Basic chords: sandalwood, cedar and patchouli. This is a duo of fragrances  Adidas Get Ready!, the inspiration for which was the host country of the World Cup in 2014, Brazil is bright and colorful. However, the mood of flavors extends far beyond the football power. They reflect the main features of the Brazilian way of life: the fiery rhythms of samba, the bright sun, the atmosphere is a permanent carnival and the absence of any complexes. These flavors laid much optimism and positive emotions that they are able to make happy even the most hardened pessimist. Dynamic men's fragrance with a bright sound fern Get Ready from Adidas impresses with its unique, crystal composition, which is dominated by fresh chords. If you are a young, energetic and confident with their own man, wrapped in a toning sea plume eau de toilette Get Ready and enjoy an exquisite sounding notes of white cedar! This fragrance is designed for superheroes who are always ready to new feats! You enjoy wearing jeans and prefer a sporty style in clothes? Eau de Toilette from Adidas Get Ready decorate your image and help to look your best! Fresh marine notes citrus juice sprinkled that sound at the beginning of a fragrant composition smoothly replaced heart notes. "Heart" of the fragrance Get Ready tart revealed a mysterious sound clary sage and lavender. It also smartly played the original, tart-sweet notes of exotic fruits, which give finesse and perfume piquancy. Quiet white cedar notes in conjunction with the languid sound of patchouli and sandalwood complete luminous sound easy Get Ready flavor bouquet from Adidas.

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