Adidas Natural Vitality

Adidas Natural Vitality

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Adidas Natural Vitality

Adidas Natural Vitality 50ml. is a fruity fragrance, created entirely for women full of life, energetic, optimistic and sports. This fragrance combines the perfect essences of exotic fruits and rare flowers. This sensual fragrance, Natural Vitality, your body enveloped in a cloak vibrant flavors that bring out your personality in full effervescence fabulous way. Adidas Natural Vitality perfume opens with refreshing tones of apple, exotic lychee, orange captivating and fresh tomatoes. Then you will be enveloped by magnificent lotus essence, osmanthus rare and refreshing watermelon. Sensual base notes are dominated by tones of musk and precious sandalwood. The scent is perfect for sporting activities. Rejuvenate your body and enjoy the feeling infinite femininity, exclusive perfume Natural Vitality by Adidas! It opens with an explosion of litchi, apple, orange and tomato aromas. The heart includes watermelon, which adds a fresh, fruity impression with osmanthus and lotus contributing to balance of natural floral aromas and femininity.The base notes incorporate sandalwood and musk. Adidas continues a line of sports perfumes designed to inspire women to new achievements! Eau de Toilette Natural Vitality - this is an unusual blend of exotic fruits and rare plants. Summer sweetness draws in mind the image of an energetic young girl. She is not afraid of obstacles and safely go to adventure. Full of optimism and a charge of vivacity, our heroine, however, the romantic nature. She does not hide her femininity, and therefore boldly rushes into a whirlwind of emotions consisting of lychee, red apple, orange and tomato.

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