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Abercrombie & Fitch
Alfred Dunhill
Anna Sui
Banana Republic
Britney Spears
Calvin Klein
Carolina Herrera
Christian Dior
Christina Aguilera
David Beckham
Dolce & Gabbana
Elie Saab
Elizabeth Arden
Elizabeth Taylor
Estee Lauder
Etienne Aigner
Gianfranco Ferre
Giorgio Armani
Guy Laroche
Gwen Stefani
Hugo Boss
Issey Miyake
James Bond
Jean Paul Gaultier
Jenni Rivera
Jennifer Aniston
Jessica Simpson
Jimmy Choo
John Galliano
John Varvatos
Juicy Couture
Justin Bieber
Katy Perry
Lady Gaga
Lolita Lempicka
Marc Jacobs
Mariah Carey
Mercedes Benz
Miss Sixty
Narciso Rodriguez
Nicki Minaj
Nina Ricci
Novae Plus
One Direction
Paco Rabanne
Parfums Gres
Paris Hilton
Paul Smith
Perfumer's Workshop
Ralph Lauren
Salvatore Ferragamo
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sean John
Selena Gomez
Succes de Paris
Swiss Army
Taylor Swift
Thierry Mugler
Tommy Hilfiger
Tonino Lamborghini
Vera Wang
Victoria's Secret
Viktor & Rolf
Yves Saint Laurent


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We are online shop for perfume in Thailand having operated many years to serve Thailand customers with genuine brand fine fragrances. We are the best source for buying perfumes, fragrances and cologne. You can find a huge selection of genuine perfumes, fragrances and colognes at discounted prices. Some of our most popular perfumes are displayed below and feel free to browse our extensive brand listing. Call: 089-770-4626 (9am. to 8pm.)
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Britney Spears Private Show
Britney Spears Private Show
  2,550- Baht

Britney Spears Maui Fantasy
Britney Spears Maui Fantasy
  2,050- Baht

Britney Spears Fantasy In Bloom
Britney Spears Fantasy In Bloom
  1,950- Baht

Benetton United Dreams Love Yourself
Benetton United Dreams Love Yourself
  1,900- Baht

Benetton United Dreams Live Free
Benetton United Dreams Live Free
  1,900- Baht

Benetton United Dreams Be Strong
Benetton United Dreams Be Strong
  1,900- Baht

Benetton United Dreams Aim High
Benetton United Dreams Aim High
  1,900- Baht

Giorgio Armani Sun di Gioia
Giorgio Armani Sun di Gioia
  3,200- Baht

Giorgio Armani Si Rose Signature
Giorgio Armani Si Rose Signature
  4,250- Baht

Giorgio Armani Si Intense
Giorgio Armani Si Intense
  4,250- Baht

Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Toilette
Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Toilette
  3,900- Baht

Giorgio Armani Eau d'Aromes
Giorgio Armani Eau d'Aromes
  3,200- Baht

Giorgio Armani Code Ultimate
Giorgio Armani Code Ultimate
  3,200- Baht

Giorgio Armani Code Satin
Giorgio Armani Code Satin
  3,050- Baht

Giorgio Armani Code Profumo
Giorgio Armani Code Profumo
  3,200- Baht

Giorgio Armani Code Cashmere
Giorgio Armani Code Cashmere
  3,050- Baht

Giorgio Armani Air di Gioia
Giorgio Armani Air di Gioia
  3,200- Baht

Giorgio Armani Acqua Sky di Gioia
Giorgio Armani Acqua Sky di Gioia
  3,200- Baht

Carolina Herrera Good Girl
Carolina Herrera Good Girl
  3,900- Baht

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia Eau Fraiche
Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia Eau Fraiche
  3,000- Baht

Perfumes Thailand
    • Most popular new perfumes. You are so inspiring when buying a new fragrance, whether for yourself or a loved one.

      Women's fragrance that you are interested in the most is now Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2013. The perfume, which was released in summer limited edition, builds on the familiar classic fragrance Eternity.

      Among the most sought after new men's fragrance is definitely a luxury perfume Paco Rabanne 1 Million Intense, which is extremely sensual and irresistible. This almost addictive fragrance is inspired by the lifestyle of James Bond himself.

      Another popular and frequently purchased fragrance for women is an enchanting new Guess Girl. This fragrance is specially designed for all young women and girls who do not want to walk obediently in the crowd. Perfume is a very sensual and seductive.

      Do you desire to fully enjoy the sunrise over the coast? Then you find the right choice limited new Davidoff Cool Water Woman Sea Rose.

      The exclusive women's fragrance Jour d'Hermes by Hermes, reminiscent of morning dew refrigerant after summer rain, or a unique fragrance Burberry Summer 2013, which is very exciting and elegant at the same time.

      New perfume that you wear not only its flavor but also extravagant fragrance bottle is Dot by fashion designer Marc Jacobs.
      You have already selected perfume for summer? If you are not, be inspired by the following article, where you will find great tips on popular women's and men's fragrance suitable for wear in summer sunny days. You'll also learn why when buying toilet water saving and offer exclusive glimpse into the news for summer. Not every perfume is suitable for hot summer days. The heavy and very aromatic fragrance because you would have in the heat of a headache and generally you should not have to feel comfortable you or your surroundings. Therefore, it is better not remain throughout the year only one perfume in the summer period and choose a scent that is specifically designed for the summer. Manufacturers of perfumes because every year introduce new collection of scents that are ideal for summer or directly create exclusive editions, where you can find your favorite perfume in a special lightweight version.

      How to Save Fragrance suitable for the summer are called eau de toilette and bear EDT (Eau de Toilette). These deodorants also usually tend to significantly cheaper than their heavier counterparts and stronger. It is a given that they comprise a smaller proportion of aromatic ingredients and less alcohol compared intensive perfumed waters, which tend to be a little more expensive. Your scent on the summer you can also advantageously buy in our e-shop, where you can take advantage of our great offers and discounts.

      Tips on Summer Fragrances Smell the summer should be refreshing, airy and full of new energy. In the summer perfumes are mostly found refreshing marine tones, the dancing flowers or extracts of sweet juicy fruit. Ladies can try as sparkling refreshing fragrance Davidoff Cool Water Woman , inspired by the crystal clear sea water. Smell consists of a unique intoxicating essences of flowers roses and jasmine combined juicy citrus and melon. A touch of femininity give this fragrance chords lotus flower, water lily and lily of the valley. Scent gives you new energy and ensuring you the perfect dose of refreshment on hot days. Another great fragrance for women is a favorite Escada Marine Groove. After sniff you feel that you are sitting on the beach and sip a refreshing exotic cocktail. This fragrance perfect way to celebrate summer and creates a good mood. Similarly, tuning scent is also as Paris Hilton Passport In South Beach.

      You can also choose from a great news for this year. Such as fragrance Calvin Klein Eternity Summer (2013), which captures the natural beauty of shells glistening in the sand on a hot sunny day or you can check out women's fragrance Acqua Roberto Cavalli inspired by the Mediterranean, where the turquoise blue sea blends perfectly with the azure sky.

      Pleasant and refreshing summer scent can also indulge in men. Ideal choice as a popular brand Hugo Boss, which offers a unique men's fragrance Elements Aqua. The perfume itself symbolizes the power of water, which is full of life and new energy. Delicious scent is refreshing citrus notes, oriental ginger and silky oak moss, which extends to exotic patchouli. Hugo Boss also makes a great novelty for this year, which is fragrance Boss Orange Man Feel Good Summer characterizing a man full of energy with an optimistic attitude to life, which enjoys a summer day full and relaxed. Perfume will surprise you with their refreshing citrus accords, which intertwine perfectly with freshly cut off an apple, sweet pear and refreshing cucumber.

      Between the right summer fragrance that hides overheated beaches, the joy of travel and taste new adventure, undoubtedly include eau de toilette brand Jean P. Gaultier. Here you can take exclusive news Le Beau Male that their essences of mint perfectly enhances your sex appeal and magic orange blossom then you plunge into the exotic faraway places. Unless you are fond of unisex perfumes , then you can try this summer news from Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2013, which consists of carbonated water tones, juicy watermelon silk and jasmine. Smell you recharge with new energy and remind you of the day spent on the beach.